6 Rules for Choosing the Best Conference Keynote Speaker


Choosing the best conference keynote speaker can make or break you’re the end result and experience of your next meeting. If you’re an event planner, that means really doing your homework, and choosing a conference speaker wisely.

As you evaluate potential speakers, consider some of the following strategies, secrets, and tips—all of which will guide you to make the best decision possible, and to end up with a conference that participants will speak highly of. Here are six rule that you can follow for choosing the best keynote speaker for your next conference.

How to Pick the Right Conference Speaker

Watch your speaker perform live or on video. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, and neither should you engage a speaker without actually watching that speaker perform. Any reputable speaker will be willing to send you a YouTube clip or some other video sample.

Ask about past experience and get references. If you’re looking for a speaker to present at a marketing convention, you want to ensure that it’s someone who’s presented to marketers before. Don’t hesitate to ask about past experience with your industry or niche.

Look for speakers who want to include you in their preparation. You don’t want someone who’s just going to rehash tired old talking points. You want a presentation that’s tailored to your group. Try to find a speaker who will ask you questions and seek your feedback in planning his or her remarks.

Seek a speaker who will stick around before and after the meeting. Make sure your speaker is willing to stay after the presentation and talk with people one-on-one, take questions, or just be present at your conference. You don’t want someone who’s just going to speak, then make a mad dash for the door.

Be cautious about speakers who want to sell stuff right away. It’s fine for a speaker to want a table to sell his or her book but be careful in hiring anyone who seems like they only care about promoting their wares. That’s usually a bad sign.

Go with a speaker who seems interested in your organization, your mission, and your goals. As you interview potential speakers, listen for those who also seem like they’re interviewing you—because those are the ones who are really going to be invested in your event.

Be strategic in picking your conference speaker—and land on someone who will really provide optimal value to your group!

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