Carolyn Strauss

  • Carolyn is a published author of 4 books including “The Code: a Man’s Rules for Living Life, Having Fun, and Getting Dressed”.
  • Her client list includes multiple retail industry giants and other Fortune 500 clients, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, JC Penney, Toyota, Hanover Construction and Primedia Inc. She has presented to over 100 CEO leadership groups and is one of the top-rated Vistage International Speakers.
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Carolyn Strauss, CSP

Increase your dollars per Minute
International Speaker and NSA Certified Speaking Professional

If you are looking for high energy, high content and sales, and business experience, Carolyn Strauss is the speaker for your event. Carolyn Strauss is one of only 800 Certified Speaking Professionals in the world. She is a sales and persuasion expert who spent 18 years on-camera on The Home Shopping Network where she personally sold over $160 Million of her clothing line, the Carolyn Strauss Collection, even selling $1 Million in one day.

In addition to thousands of appearances on HSN, Carolyn has appeared on PBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, Food Network, and Lifetime Television Network. She also hosted her own radio show, The Perfect Image with Carolyn Strauss. She is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Prior to her time on television and radio, Carolyn was a fashion show commentator, an internationally-recognized fashion and image expert, and a successful plus-size model for over 20 years with the Ford Modeling Agency in New York City.

Carolyn Strauss is a powerful, compelling, effervescent, and entertaining presenter who speaks with audiences – not at them. Her programs are based on over 28 years of research and experience as a successful businesswoman in the marketplace. For over twenty years, Carolyn has passionately shared her strategies and business methods with audiences worldwide, teaching people how to set their minds to not get in the way of outcomes they desire.

Years of Speaking Experience
Events Last Year


$7,500 – $12,000


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Worked In

United States, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, Greece

Topics and Programs

  • Sales
  • Persuasion/Influencing
  • Corporate Culture
  • Leadership
  • Spouse Programs
  • Project Management

Whatever business you’re in, women are key to your sales.  Did you know:

• 85% of household buying decisions are made or influenced by women.

• 40% of business buying decisions are made by women.

• Women account for 58% of all online spending.

• Women aged 50 and older control $19 trillion­ more than 75% of America’s financial wealth.

Yet Stunningly:

•91% of women say that advertisers do not understand them.

•75%  of  women  in  one  survey  complained   about  being ignored, patronized or offended by salespeople.

• 40%  of   women   said   they   were   treated  better  when accompanied  by a man.

This keynote will cover how to apply all of this information to any product or service to amplify sales.  Perfect for real estate professionals, retail, automotive industry and health care associations.

Dealing with the opposite sex both at home and in business can be challenging. In this keynote, audiences will learn the instinctive gender based reactions and thinking that makes each of us who we are, and how to optimize them to get the most Dollars Per Minute/ value from the people in our work and personal lives.


There are huge challenges facing anyone in business in the 21st Century. Day-to-day responsibilities and the bombardment of demands on your time, your physical and emotional resources, can leave you with little time and energy to focus on what matters, and how to manage your resources, set expectations, bounderies, and identify the Dollars Per Minute of each activity.

In this rejuvenating and interactive presentation, using simple yet effective strategies, you will explore the areas in your business and personal life where success may or may not be living up to your expectations.

Key issued covered:

– Discover how to reconcile what matters to you, with what matters to the people around you, and how to play a game where everybody wins.
– Assess and prioritize demands on your time to be most effective at work and at play.
– Set and create a path to the kind of goals that will lead to genuine satisfaction, fulfillment, and acknowledgement at the moment of realization of each goal.
– Recognize moments of “Sympathetic magic” in your life and understand how they serve your intentions.
– Learn at least three ways men and women differ and how to use these to more effectively manage communications

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"Best they've ever heard"
"Carolyn's presentation stirred a great deal of conversation after our meeting, and forced some members to really examine the box they live in. This is one of those presentations that some members will think is the best Vistage presentation that they have ever heard."

-Vistage Chair
"One of the best"
"Carolyn is by far one of the most enjoyable and valuable Sales speakers I have encountered!"

-Vice President
Dupuy Storage LLC
"Carolyn, you were outstanding! The program got some of the highest evaluation numbers we've seen, and I'm happy to recommend you to other groups to speak! Your gender information was accessible , your delivery was funny and the value you brought to the group was exceptional.”

-Program Director
Mile Hi Church