About Us

Advantage Speakers Bureau is a boutique bureau with only the most vetted and respected speaking professionals in the industry today. We represent multiple CSP’s and CPAE’s, honors that are given to only a handful of professional speakers each year.

A lineup of award-winning veteran speakers.

Providing top-quality experiences for clients around the globe.


Speaking for your company's future

Your event is an investment to develop better leaders, teams, and culture, and we take that seriously.  Our decades of experience working with  meeting professionals  and decision makers has enabled us to determine who is relevant, who will tailor their material, who is good on the platform, and who will be best suited for your group.  

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Supporting your team's needs

We are an industry-leading Speakers Bureau that collaborates with meeting professionals to create an unforgettable experience for attendees. We focus on inspiring, educating and entertaining audiences to enable new ideas and create positive change. That’s why choosing the right speakers bureau is as crucial as selecting the right speaker — both can make you shine.

What we value

We know you expect the highest levels of professionalism from your speakers – both on and off stage. That’s why we only represent the top of the ladder in speaking talent. Our speakers have spoken at thousands of different events, and have left only positive lasting impressions.

Growth and progress is the name of the game in 2019, and our speakers are acutely aware of that. That’s why each and every one of our keynoters takes the time necessary to tailor their message to your audience – that way they can walk away feeling as prepared as possible to make the personal transformation needed to grow and expand. 

Unfortunately in 2019 we’re faced with a colder and colder communicative environment. Social media and digital communication has given us all a reason to forget the importance of genuine and authentic connection. Our speakers see this and go the extra mile to connect with your team and audience. We don’t just show up and ship off, we put in the effort and energy to shake hands, make friends, and continue the dialogue that was started on-stage.

Each of our speakers come from unique backgrounds, with unique stories that have helped them craft their content. We pride ourselves in having a diverse group of speakers that can show up and give your audience a unique experience every time. We often get repeat business for this very reason – we don’t follow a cookie cutter template, and neither do our speakers. 

Hidden fees and costs, travel pains, and poor communication oh my! We have been in the speaking industry for a very long time, and have seen the challenges that come with working with a bureau first hand. Every step of our process is very clear, and is communicated directly with you so that there are no questions as you are hiring the perfect speaker for your event. We’ll be there for you every step of the way to ensure that you are taken care of, and that there are no surprises along the way.

Hire A Speaker

We’d love to chat with you about one of our speakers coming to make your next event direction-changing for your business. Whether you have questions about a specific speaker, or are ready to hire one and want to take the next steps, fill out the form below and we’ll get you headed in the right direction.

Our Services

Our speakers offer a range of services that cater to any audience. Whether you need to inspire your team, solve real-world business problems that your organization might be facing, or if you need dedicated help from one of our experts, we can help.

Professional, tailored keynotes designed to inspire, motivate, educate, and engage your team. Each of our speakers have given hundreds if not thousands of keynotes and will create an experience that will be the talking point of your organization for years to come.

Our speakers are able to run workshops and training for you and your team either as part of their keynote package, or as a standalone service. Chat with one of our team members to learn more.

Need a more hands-on approach to getting your business firing on all six cylinders? Chat with us today about scheduling a consultation to see whether or not your objectives align with our talented and experience speaking consultants.