Jamie Goodman

Vice President of  Making Your Meeting Awesome 


Jamie Goodman joined Advantage Speakers Bureau in October 2020 and brings a wealth of knowledge having been around the profession since 2010.

Jamie graduated from the University of Missouri- Columbia in 2018 with a bachelor’s in journalism. At the age of 16, Jamie published her first book, “Jamie’s Journey: Travel’s with My Dad”. The book focused on her 24-day journey to Europe and the Middle East traveling with her dad alone, absent of technology. The book went to #4 on Amazon and Jamie and her father did a nationwide TV and radio tour ending with an appearance on The Today Show on Father’s Day. 


From her time working for a Senior Living Corporation, Jamie has developed a variety of experience in marketing, communications and social media strategy navigating the ever-changing needs of the industry. In addition to her time at Advantage Speakers Bureau, Jamie also focuses on building relationships in the entertainment industry working as a show coordinator producing a variety of concerts and comedy shows.




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