Paul ter Wal

  • Paul ter Wal is a balancing specialist and health architect. He carefully seeks the balance between man and machine. Between economy and ergonomics. Between organization and organism. Because one cannot function without the other.
  • Paul is a strategic advisor and conceptual architect. This is how he prefers to describe himself.
  • Paul’s ideas and plans can be implemented by service providers in small and large organizations.
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Paul ter wal, CSP, fpsa

Make your choice!
International Speaker and NSA Certified Speaking Professional

Make Your Choice. As an international Human Capital consultant, speaker, author in the field of employability, engagement, accountability, Paul works for all different kind of industries and well known companies, like Mercedes Benz, AON, University Namibia, CIC.

His model is called: Value-to-Profit: his model gives 7 keys to increase engagement and profitability with scientific proof. How to improve the Human Capital of your organization. When Paul is talking an audience will turn into listeners. His ideas on happy workers, that build successful companies, will change the way you think.

His main activities involve developing and co-implementing new Human Capital, engagement, vitality and absence leave concepts, in which both internal and external interpretations are given to the employer’s desired approach for prevention, employability, engagement and accountability: the vitality-approach. Expert speaker on vitality, engagement & accountability.

Paul is employable in professional services with social aspects; strong company, group and project identification and aimed at achieving tangible results. He is receptive to a critical attitude. He has leadership qualities from a moral, strategic and highly practical point of view. He is a strong networker and relations developer; interpreter of social trends in new markets.

Years of Speaking Experience
Events Last Year


$6,000 – $8,500


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Worked In

Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany

Topics and Programs

  • Human Resources/Labor Relations
  • Employees/Workforce
  • Accountability
  • Sustainability
  • Organizational Thought Leadership
  • Business Growth

Increasing profitability is possible in many ways; with cost reduction, more productivity per hour, higher prices etc. One of the most successful and more sustainable ways is by increasing engagement or work happiness of the employees.

Duration and language:
Usually 45 or 60 minutes (a minimum of 35 up to a maximum of 75 minutes is possible). A subsequent discussion or Q&A session is possible. The presentation can be held in the English or Dutch language.

Target group:
CEOs, Executives, HR professionals, MT’s

Knowing what the “non-negotiables” are of the company and finding your own personal core-values and getting them in alignment with each other will create more engagement and with that higher productivity and profitability.
The ABC of Engagement is to create more feeling of Autonomy, Belonging to your team and investments in Competences; this will make your organization more successful. It will be a profitable choice to go for more engagement!

Your benefits:
– Increase of productivity, customer service and profitability
– Decrease of absenteeism rate and fluctuation
– Increase of workplace happiness, employee satisfaction and workplace loyalty
– Healthier organization

“Sustainable employability” is a new word. You will have to work more years, maybe until 67 years of even more. To be able to work longer you need to find that kind of work you really love to do: the job that gives you the work happiness and satisfaction you need to get out of bed every morning with the right leg.

Duration and language:
Usually 45 or 60 minutes. A subsequent discussion or Q&A session is possible.
The presentation can be held in the English or Dutch language. Full day trainings and consulting sessions are available.

Target group:
Employees and teams.

What is your set of beliefs? What are your core-values, your “non-negotiables”? Only if you know them you can make the right choice for the right job for you. Making the right choice will give you the opportunity to find the job with the most work happiness and the most satisfaction for you. More engagement and more happiness will make you much better employable and enhance your personal development and your career.

Your benefits:
– More happiness
– More satisfaction
– More health
– More income

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"Proven Results"
"I have seen speakers talk about the relationship between Engagement and Success but none as good as Paul. His presentation was based in global research and full of easy to implement ideas that have been proven to give results. If you are after an engaging and humorous speaker to show your team how Happy Makes Money - book Paul ter Wal"

"Hit the right button"
"These meetings were highly rated, not at least by the inspiring and sometimes confrontational contributions from Paul. Both for HR and for financial managers he knows to hit the right button."

-Senior Consultant
"His message was brilliant"
"His message was brilliant, with leading edge research and ideas, plus it was full of practical tips and tools that I could implement in my business immediately. I'm seeing results with my people already. Thanks for some great inspiration, Paul!"

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