Jess Todtfeld

  • Jess Todtfeld is one of the top Media, PR and Communication authorities in the U.S.
  • Author, #1 International Bestselling author of 4 books including Media Secrets,  Secret to Foolproof Presentations and the upcoming: BE Magnetic: Create More Impact, Influence and Revenue
  • Jess hosts a nationally syndicated TV show, Times Square Today which airs on NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS. (Check local listings.)
  •  Guinness Record Holder for Media/Publicity… Most Interviews given in 24 hours …112 different radio stations
Jess Todtfeld

Jess Todtfeld, csp

Non-stop energy and entertainment
International Speaker and NSA Certified Speaking Professional

Jess inspires people through specific strategies and fun, interactive exercises to create more of what they want.  Whether it’s more impact, influence, or income, Jess will show your group how small communication changes will create a massive impact.

The game changer?  Your group will create on-the-spot change and customize the material during the session.  Takeaways are more clear when it is not just a to-do list, but customized items that can be acted on after your event. 

With more than 20 years of experience, Todtfeld helps CEOs, business executives, spokespeople, public relations representatives, experts, and authors to talk themselves to the next level. In 2009, Todtfeld set Guinness World Record for Media Publicity.  He was a guest on 112 radio interviews in 24 hours, all lasting 5 minutes long or longer.

Todtfeld has worked with clients from the United Nations, IBM, JPMorgan, AARP, USA Today, The World Children’s Wellness Foundation, Land Rover USA, Edelman Public Relations, The American College of Emergency Room Physicians, Scripps TV Networks, North Face apparel, and the ASPCA.

Todtfeld brings with him 13 years of experience as a Television Producer on the National Level for networks including NBC, ABC, and FOX. During that time he booked and produced over 5,000 segments.  

Years of Speaking Experience
Events Last Year


$10,000 – $17,500


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Worked In

United States

Topics and Programs

  • Media
  • Communication
  • Sales
  • Inspirational
  • Leadership
  • Broadcasting


Format: 1 to 2 hour Keynote

This program is perfect for: Sales Teams, Financial Advisors, People who don’t think they are in sales (but need to sell)

The audience will leave with:

– A specific system to become more interesting and more memorable

– The will have specific action items to retool what they speak about.

– They will write out stories on-the-spot that could be used in client / prospect meetings

– Learn a system to create more action from those they speak to, and create more word of mouth.

– Learn how to work with or without PowerPoint … and when using it, NOT use it as a sleep aid

– Create more powerful connections

– Create More Referrals and Introductions


Format: 45-60 minute keynote

This program is perfect for: Sales teams, Financial service professionals

The audience will leave with:

– Specific strategies for creating more revenue

– BE Magnetic – Think of this as “How to Win Friends and Influence People” for a new age. It takes communication techniques Jess teaches and will show you how to create more of what you want.

You’ll find that it is informative, interactive, and fun.

Weather Any Media Storm and 12 Ways to Be In Control Of Your Media Outreach

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

-Learn techniques to authentically have more control over interviews from the pitching stage to the actual interview

-Get more (positive) media attention. This Guinness Record setting media and publicity expert will share his publicity strategies

-From the Basics to Advanced, little known techniques that help create more brand recognition, more interviewer buy in, and more web traffic

-Plugging without plugging. Clever techniques to let the audience know what you are promoting

-The top Do’s and Don’ts when working with the media

-YouTube strategies that should not be forgotten

-From Skype to Livestream to Vine and Beyond-why we need to leverage these easy avenues for placement, but do it right


Plus – Interactive Pieces – You Will:

-Customize pitch ideas during this session

-You will learn a messaging technique

-You will learn how to craft irresistible quotes and sound bites

The Secret to Foolproof Presenting

Can be done as a keynote or breakout session

Jess Todtfeld, former National TV Producer turned Presentation/Media Trainer will entertain, educate and inspire your audience. Techniques of persuasive and effective communication are mixed with actual video clips of business leaders, newsmakers and politicians.  These clips provide real world framework for these skills which bring about “light bulb” moments in the audience. This keynote address takes your audience behind the scenes to see exactly why newsmakers are doing well, and how we can take those skills with us after the talk. Todtfeld shares the same analysis while training CEOs and high profile clients. Your audience will not only be entertained, but will be surprised by how much practical advice they can take away and use the next time they have a public speaking opportunity.

Each keynote address can be tailored to the specific personal interests of your  audience. VIDEO EXAMPLES will be used.

By the end of this interactive program, participants will be able to:

– Become more memorable every time they speak to clients, prospects, employers, people they network with, or anyone they try these techniques out on.

– Create more ACTION every time they speak.  That is the return on investment when it comes to using these communication tools.  This is the reason WHY we should do this… to create a specific outcome.

– Create word of mouth advocates in everyone they meet.  Wouldn’t it be great if people you met not only remembered you but told other people about you?  That is our goal.

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"It’s hard to walk away from a Jess Todtfeld talk without many “ah-ha” moments and a list of valuable pointers for dramatically improving communication skills."

-Vanessa Lowry
Director of Communications
"Outcome Was Overwhelming"
"He engaged the attendees in a lively dialog which kept their attention focused on the many topics he covered throughout his presentation. The outcome was overwhelming. He is skilled and comfortable in his profession. I look forward to working with Jess again in the future and I highly recommend him."

-Mike Benti
"Highly Recommend"
"We saw noticeable resluts and were able to make on-the-spot adjustmenets. Thank you so much for your hard work with our entire team!"

-Tim Wollerman
VP, Outreach