Dr. Rick Goodman

  • Dr. Rick Goodman, CSP, is renowned as one of the most sought-after leadership and engagement experts. His keynote presentations and breakout sessions have produced transformational results leading to happier employees, increased productivity and, most importantly, HIGHER PROFITS.
  • Dr. Rick has the distinction of delivering over 1,000 presentations in all 50 states and six countries. In 2014, he earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.
  • Established in 1980, the CSP is the speaker profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. Fewer than one percent of all professional speakers worldwide hold this designation.
Dr. Rick Goodman

Dr. Rick Goodman, CSP

Non-stop energy and entertainment
International Speaker and NSA Certified Speaking Professional

In addition to his 30-year speaking career, Dr. Rick is the author of three books: “Living a Championship Life – A Game Plan for Success,” a book combining his success philosophy with stories compiled during his tenure as one of the team physicians for the Super Bowl champion St. Louis Rams and the St. Louis Ambush professional indoor soccer team; “My Team Sucked: Ten Rules That Turned Them Into Rock Stars A Small Book with Big Solutions” on leadership, engagement and business growth; and his latest book “The Solutions-Oriented Leader: Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieve World-Class Results”

Dr. Rick’s writing style integrates real-life stories with innovative and engaging solutions to real-world challenges. His articles are a favorite with national publications and corporate/ association newsletters. His books, CDs, DVDs, online learning and virtual presentations are all designed for achievers who want to grow and implement a system that fosters great leadership!

Dr. Rick is also a successful entrepreneur who walks his talk and shares his winning philosophy with his audiences. 1988, he created and sold one of the largest medical practices in Missouri. That same year, Dr. Rick founded a new enterprise that is still active today. His goal is to introduce his leadership and team building formulas and systems into 10,000 businesses worldwide.

Years of Speaking Experience
Events Last Year


$10,000 – $15,000


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Singapore, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, Argentina

Topics and Programs

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Business Growth
  • Personal Development
  • Sales
  • Healthcare

“This is my favorite keynote because it answers the number one question I get from high achievers around the world: How do I achieve my professional goals and maintain balance in my personal life?” -Dr. Rick

Just imagine for a moment… What if our thinking is backwards? Most leaders and organizations focus on the challenges they face and are constantly putting out fires. This often leads to blame, infighting and a lack of accountability.

This keynote combines the lessons in Dr. Rick’s book “Living A Championship Life – A Game Plan for Success” with his latest book and Amazon bestseller “The Solutions Oriented Leader.” Your audience will discover how to redirect their focus forward – on possibilities, solutions and results.

By developing a culture that is “Thinking in Solutions,” you will be able to retain your best employees, while also attracting world-class talent. Your ultimate outcome will be a culture that promotes creativity and innovation, increases employee engagement, and creates a happy and productive work environment.

Success doesn’t happen by itself; it requires a focused strategy. Every championship team, world-class organization, and high achiever begins with a game plan. To turn your organization into a championship team, it will require that you “Transform Your Thinking, Optimize Your Assets and Accelerate Your Connectivity” with your team and your clients.

In this powerful presentation, your attendees will get an insider’s look at how championship teams are built based on Dr. Rick’s work with Super Bowl, Professional Soccer and NBA championship organizations.

You’ll discover the three simple strategies that each organization used to build their championship teams. Your attendees will walk away motivated, inspired and ready to implement the simple solutions to build your own championship team!


With almost three decades as a healthcare practitioner, Dr. Rick knows the unique challenges the healthcare profession faces. He also understands the life-altering difference it makes in those you serve. “Healing Through Humanity” is a customized program created specifically for your organization.

Here’s the challenge… For a patient, the experience can be intimidating, confusing and frightening. Ultimately all patients yearn for love, attention, and respect. This insightful presentation will show every caregiver – from the administration to the operations team, providers and even volunteers – how to view their work through the patient’s point of view.

This program is designed to give you the steps to create extraordinary outcomes for patients, providers and healthcare organizations.

This is the expanded, in-depth training based on Dr. Rick’s best-selling book “The Solutions Oriented Leader.” Your team will learn his proven step-by-step Solutions Oriented Transformational Leadership Process®.

This will help your organization create a true solutions-oriented culture that is innovative, focused and ready to take on any opportunity with ease.

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"Could See The Excitement"
"I could see the excitement from our team as they were getting solutions and ACTION STEPS we needed to implement! And now - even a few months after your presentation our team is still using the principles you taught us which are now ingrained into our culture. YOU ROCK!"

St. Maarten
"Will Long Be Remembered"
"Your keynote address kept everyone engaged and will long be remembered by everyone attending our OAC meeting. Your ability to customize the program and relate it directly to our industry and our specific company was outstanding."

-Linda Shaub
Director Of Marketing
Interim Healthcare
"They Were Delighted"
"Rick, I spoke to many attendees and they were all delighted by your content, presentation style, and for the humor you injected throughout. You exceeded my expectations and you will recall that I had very high expectations of you!"

-Milt Douglas
VP of Sales