Marilyn Wolfgang

Marilyn Wolfgang is an entertainer, entrepreneur, and business owner with roots in the legal field. Starting as an assistant to attorneys in personal injury, as well as acting as a liaison between hospitals and insurance companies, facilitating the resolution of high dollar problem claims throughout the country. Overtime, she has developed a passion for exploring her more creative side, developing an entertainment channel, as well as an online merchandise shop and jewelry boutique consisting of her very personal line of handcrafted designs. Her passion for connecting with people has garnered a solid YouTube following of over 53 thousand subscribers and over 11 million views. Her empathic and emotional response to music has won her over with bands and fans from around the world.

As an extrovert and social butterfly, it was natural for her to develop friendships that go beyond mere entertainment. She began to learn of their pain and struggles, ups and downs, and the joy she could bring them. She came to realize the importance of mental health, uplifting, and motivating people through the power of words. Having known and worked with great professional speakers like Dr. Rick Goodman, this has led into the next phase of her career as Chief Operating Officer of Advantage Speakers Bureau! A natural transition in her goal to help people, by facilitating connections between the brightest thought leaders in the world, with organizations that can benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

When she is not running her businesses, doing voiceovers, handmaking jewelry, and doing music reviews, she is spending time with her loved ones, playing video games, going on five-mile walks, playing basketball, fishing and roller skating. Her belief is to live life to the fullest with the ones you love, and doing your part to make the world a better place.

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